Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stalker (unedited)

I'm just meters away from you, I hope you notice;
I always passby your house, I hope you know this;

Everyday I always want to communicate;
Still not stopping even if you're closing your gate;

I'm still hopeful, still thinking it's never too late;
I'm still patient because love can wait;

browsing the net is my other choice;
Calling you through phone just to hear your voice;

Sometimes I think it's impossible;
I think you're too special, I'm just simple;

Sometimes I think nobody wants me with you;
Nobody's giving me the chance to show that I'm true to you;

People keep on making me look bad, telling you things I never said;
I'm shocked! I wonder what went into their heads;

I hope you'll know who really I am;
I'm the type who will never lay a hand;

I will never tell a lie to you, I can love you like no one can;
I hope you will give me the chance;

I hope I can be your superman;
Fly with me, never hesitate to hold my hand....

Written: 2004

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