Monday, July 14, 2008

My Parents...

I don't really know how to express
what I feel inside;
I love my parents so much and this
Imust never hide;
As I look at their faces, I tried to
envision my parents' vision;
Oh God, to make them happy is my
most prioritized mission;
I would always want to see them smile,
make them proud;
I have the greatest parents in theworld
and this I will shout out loud!
I admit, I felt the guilt those times
I never said the words to express;
This time I want them to know
that they are the best;
As what my father said - family comes first
before the rest;
I want them to know that I will treasure them
forever here inside my chest;
I know they're proud 'coz they raised
a gentleman;
But I'm also proud 'coz my parents
are the number one...

Written: October 30, 2007

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