Monday, July 14, 2008

Make this world better

As I traveled to different places;
I met a lot of people of differentages;
different faces and even from different races;
And I smiled because of how great life is;
To help those in need is to make your heart filled with wonder;
As we share ideas, we earn a lot ofpoints to ponder;
Universal brotherhood & sisterhood -let this be the world order;
We are all equal, no one is above theother;
Stand up and speak out right now,don't wait;
let's stop violence, spread loveinstead of hate;
Promote gender equality, honorwomanhood, & never discriminate;
Let's fight against poverty, it's never too late;
Advocacy - this can be one of the ways;
Maintain a clean environment - join usin this race;
Let's help eachother, let's make this world a better place...

Written: January 2008

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