Thursday, July 31, 2008


I can't remember when was the very start;
All I know is you caught my lonely heart;
I don't know any reason and I don't know why;
I'm inlove with you no matter how many times I deny;
Kada adlaw ikaw ang gustong makita;
Ikaw ang topic everytime naa ko'y ka chika;
And I search for you every single day;
Hoping to see you, this is what I always pray;
'coz you make me smile everytime you're around;
Gustong muduol, gustong mupansin but I feel so down;
How I wish I can show you everything;
If only you know unsa ko saimo ka praning;
Now I'm just here still waiting and hoping;
Hinaot someday imo kong mapansin...

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