Monday, July 21, 2008


All these things can really make me lose my mind;
Is this love, like, or am I just going blind;

Do I want you as a friend or more than that;
Do I really love you or I love you not;

I can't seem to understand why I still stay;
I believe I care for you in a special way;

Though sometimes I feel pain, I can understand;
That’s why I can't seem to quit even if you always run;

They asked me why I chose you when many are around;
Why I'm still hopeful even if you always turn me down;

I stared at the sky yet there’s still no answer;
I bowed down my head but things get harder;

So ask God, ask Him if my feelings are really true;
Please ask the Almighty, why I'm still loyal to you?

If you already know the answer then please tell me;
Because I’m here so blind it’s so hard to see...

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