Thursday, July 31, 2008

Stalker (unedited)

I'm just meters away from you, I hope you notice;
I always passby your house, I hope you know this;

Everyday I always want to communicate;
Still not stopping even if you're closing your gate;

I'm still hopeful, still thinking it's never too late;
I'm still patient because love can wait;

browsing the net is my other choice;
Calling you through phone just to hear your voice;

Sometimes I think it's impossible;
I think you're too special, I'm just simple;

Sometimes I think nobody wants me with you;
Nobody's giving me the chance to show that I'm true to you;

People keep on making me look bad, telling you things I never said;
I'm shocked! I wonder what went into their heads;

I hope you'll know who really I am;
I'm the type who will never lay a hand;

I will never tell a lie to you, I can love you like no one can;
I hope you will give me the chance;

I hope I can be your superman;
Fly with me, never hesitate to hold my hand....

Written: 2004


I can't remember when was the very start;
All I know is you caught my lonely heart;
I don't know any reason and I don't know why;
I'm inlove with you no matter how many times I deny;
Kada adlaw ikaw ang gustong makita;
Ikaw ang topic everytime naa ko'y ka chika;
And I search for you every single day;
Hoping to see you, this is what I always pray;
'coz you make me smile everytime you're around;
Gustong muduol, gustong mupansin but I feel so down;
How I wish I can show you everything;
If only you know unsa ko saimo ka praning;
Now I'm just here still waiting and hoping;
Hinaot someday imo kong mapansin...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Slowing down...

I use to think that I’m left behind and can’t catch up because everything’s running too fast;
But now I realized I got to stop worrying about now and what happened in the past;

What lies behind already happened and what lies ahead will still take place;
All I need is to do better and learn from my mistakes during the past days;

And I thought life is about fast lanes but really, it’s about taking life one step at a time;
I don’t worry on what I have today; I still have better things in the future that I can call “mine”;

I got to stay optimistic and motivated, forget all those hopeless illusions - it’s time to realize;
I got to focus, dream, and visualize and if ever I’ll fail again – I will never hesitate to rise...

Monday, July 21, 2008


All these things can really make me lose my mind;
Is this love, like, or am I just going blind;

Do I want you as a friend or more than that;
Do I really love you or I love you not;

I can't seem to understand why I still stay;
I believe I care for you in a special way;

Though sometimes I feel pain, I can understand;
That’s why I can't seem to quit even if you always run;

They asked me why I chose you when many are around;
Why I'm still hopeful even if you always turn me down;

I stared at the sky yet there’s still no answer;
I bowed down my head but things get harder;

So ask God, ask Him if my feelings are really true;
Please ask the Almighty, why I'm still loyal to you?

If you already know the answer then please tell me;
Because I’m here so blind it’s so hard to see...

July 21, 2008

I’ve already seen your worse and I believe
you’ve already seen mine;
I’ve been full of explanations in the past,
now I don’t know how to explain this time;
I missed you, I was eager to see you
and I thought it was right if I should;
I know you didn’t mean to be rude,
I believe you’re just not in the right mood...

You said I was not listening to you
But honestly, I did;
I was just trying to comfort you
because I thought it was a need;
I was trying to make you feel better, too late
when I realized I’m making the wrong move;
I always wanted to show you that I care, I just
don’t know why I always fail when I try to prove...

I wanted to show you everything but
I don’t know, I always seem to fail;
How I dreamed of being beside you
despite the fact that until now I’m still at your tail;
Am I a sucker for love? A hopeless romantic?
Really, I don’t know why I’m still staying;
Though sometimes I see myself hurting,
It’s a mystery why I’m still waiting...

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I don't know what, I don't know how,
and I don't know why;
I just can't give up and stop
no matter how hard I try;
I really do hope you'll give me
the chance to prove what I feel;
Starting today I swear and promise
I will be for real.

Please don't think we can't connect,
please don't close doors yet;
Try to be open, try to share,
let's change our mindset;
Let me make you laugh, let me make
you smile, let me show you I care;
Please don't bowdown your head
everytime I try to stare.

Let me show you who really I am,
let's know eachother better;
Please don't be conscious, let's be
ourselves when we're together;
Let's walk just like friends, let's
not leave one of us behind;
No matter what, I'm here willing to
wait for you until the end of time...

Written: July 15, 2008

Another chance?

So many times I failed, now I finally
realized where did I go wrong;
I already shown you how weak I am, now
I think I need to show you that I’m also strong;
I should have acted as myself, I should
have not said those words that fast;
I could have been more patient
and I should have not rushed...

I know I cannot turn back time,
I know I can’t erase all those from your mind;
All I need to do now is learn from those
and be myself this time;
I know I’m not perfect, I know I’m not the ideal,
and I know I’m not the best,
All I need to do now is show that I care
and love you more than the rest...

Monday, July 14, 2008

it's time...

It's been a long time since I started
closing my heart;
I guess now is the best time to make a
new start;
This is the time to open what I used
to close;
Time to be out there, I gotta leave
this path that I chose;
This is the time to stop myself from
holding back;
This is the time to take risks again
and forget about badluck;
It's you girl! Maybe you're that
one person I really need;
I'm not searching for a lot, one is
enough to spend my life with;
Best believe, I'll do my best to treat
you right;
I won't shout at you girl, I'll just
hug and kiss you tight;
When you're blue, I'll do all crazy
stuffs just to make you laugh;
I'll be the sweetest guy that can make
you bluff;
Love? Trust? Loyalty? I know I can
assure you this;
With me girl, don't be afraid to take
this risk...

Written: May 31, 2008

Make this world better

As I traveled to different places;
I met a lot of people of differentages;
different faces and even from different races;
And I smiled because of how great life is;
To help those in need is to make your heart filled with wonder;
As we share ideas, we earn a lot ofpoints to ponder;
Universal brotherhood & sisterhood -let this be the world order;
We are all equal, no one is above theother;
Stand up and speak out right now,don't wait;
let's stop violence, spread loveinstead of hate;
Promote gender equality, honorwomanhood, & never discriminate;
Let's fight against poverty, it's never too late;
Advocacy - this can be one of the ways;
Maintain a clean environment - join usin this race;
Let's help eachother, let's make this world a better place...

Written: January 2008

Oh God...

Oh God, I'm thankful for all the
blessings I've recieved;
I'm deeply sorry for all those times
when I didn't believe;
I ask for your forgiveness and please
heal this pain;
I accept all my mistakes, I know it's
only me I can blame;
All these challenges you have given
me, I'm not afraid to face;
Please guide me Lord, make me strong
to be able to finish this race;
Enlighten me for I know I am weak and
I am frail;
I know that without faith in you, I
will fail;
The non-believers, they ask me who I
have and what I can boast;
I stand proud, God is in my heart and
this is what matters the most...

Written: May 11, 2008

God knows...

God knows how I've been true;
God knows what I've been through;
God knows I want to soar high;
God knows how I look when I cry;
God knows how I bleed when in pain;
God knows how cold I am in this rain;
God knows what my visions are;
God knows I want to reach far;
God knows what I do to reach my goal;
God knows how pray to cleanse my soul;
God knows that this world isn't fair;
God knows how I love and how I care;
God knows how I strive to be on top;
God knows this is a poem and not a rap...

Written: May 11, 2008


I'm just patiently waiting
until that person will arrive;
I will not stop waiting
as long as I'm still alive;
Full of challenges but I'm still hopeful
to reach my dreams;
Sometimes I want to give up
but I'm just stronger than what it seems;
You may neglect me, you may hurt me,
but it doesn't mean a thing;
It just made me believe that
you're not the person I've been waiting;
Why should I be in a hurry?
My life's been doing great;
Why should I feel sorry?
It's not yet too late.

What is love? I don't know what it is...

Maybe love is true or maybe love is just a myth;
I don't want to believe in it and I have to admit;
I just don't know, everytime I try denying it, I feel sick;
My heart ache's, my mind gets confused, and I feel weak;
Sometimes I contemplate and visualize what I really feel;
I say to myself, "this is just infatuation!", but my heart says this is for real...

Written: October, 31, 2007

As the day ends...

As the day ends, I lay to rest on my bed;
As I close my eyes, it's you again running on my head;
Keep on thinking what if you're here beside?
I want you to know that I feel something for you here inside;
I feel this emptyness everytime you're not around;
You're voice is like a music to me everytime I hear the sound;
I'm a busy guy and I know you're busy too;
But still, I keep on wishing that someday I can be with you;
Family comes first, but you can be one of my family;
I'm so into you, I hope you can be my lady;
Study first, but I can't concentate whenever I feel I'm loosing you;
I just hope you know that my feelings for you are true...

Written: October 30, 2007


She's the reason I smile, the reason my heart skips a beat;
She's the reason why sometimes I can't seem to eat;
All those little butterflies in my stomach make me realize;
Just how easy falling in love with someone like her - such a surprise;
I tried thinking about the consequences, I tried being smart;
That sometimes I hide all the feelings for her inside my heart;
I tried to deny the fact that I'm so into her;
I tried not to tell her the real reason why I'm always there;
She's so mind controlling especially everytime I look into her eyes;
That oftentimes, I believe it can lead to my demise...

" No guy is worth your tears & when you find one that is, he won't make you cry..."

Written: October 30, 2007

My Parents...

I don't really know how to express
what I feel inside;
I love my parents so much and this
Imust never hide;
As I look at their faces, I tried to
envision my parents' vision;
Oh God, to make them happy is my
most prioritized mission;
I would always want to see them smile,
make them proud;
I have the greatest parents in theworld
and this I will shout out loud!
I admit, I felt the guilt those times
I never said the words to express;
This time I want them to know
that they are the best;
As what my father said - family comes first
before the rest;
I want them to know that I will treasure them
forever here inside my chest;
I know they're proud 'coz they raised
a gentleman;
But I'm also proud 'coz my parents
are the number one...

Written: October 30, 2007

If Only...

If only she knows how I feel;
Maybe she'll believe that it's real;
If only she'll listen and care;
I can prove to her that I will always be there;
If only she'll give me some of her time;
I will be the happiest man if she'll be mine;
If only she'll give me the chance;
I will show to her that I'm just the right man...

written October 30, 2007